About TPMR and the team, how we work and why we do what we do.

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What does TMPR stand for?

Since the marketing of products and services of the highest quality, customer satisfaction, a harmonious relationship with the environment, made safe for employees, protection of confidential information is a priority for company management.

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TPMR Company Presentation

The TPMR specialists carry out both the process and layout planning, the simulation, the offline programming of robots, the simulation of people in the production processes and, of course, the start-up in production by firstly using a virtual validation for the implemented systems.

Proudly made in Romania.

our team

Success comes where people cooperate to form a solid team and where the ultimate goal is the same for all. TPMR Simulation company holds competence, technical and human capacity needed to operate in the field of design, supply, installation automation industrial systems.



What our clients say

  • “During the development of some different projects for Akka company, I have really appreciated in TPMR Simulation, the technical expertise, the flexibility and adaption that they always proven in some hard client context and with some strong workload variation. We are relying each other on our competencies ‘complementarity of our technical teams in order to win other business opportunities. The mutual familiarity and trust well define the relationship between Akka and TPMR after 7 years of collaboration.”

    Dan Neacsu CEO - Akka
  • “This is with pleasure and trust that I recommend TPMR Simulation in Romania. For some years, TPMR and his CEO have developed themselves as strong partners for my industrial group. The insure for our plants a variety of different, studies, design, advice, continuous improvement, assembly process, until the finalisation and the realisation of robotic welding machineries. We strongly recommend to collaborate with this company which will permit you to reach your performance objectives in the field of industrial automatisation. This company always addresses his task in a professional and efficient manner.  Their employees fulfil diligently the assigned tasks and have the knowledge to work in an autonomy way as well in work team. A really wonderful team!”

    DAVID PIROUX Groupe Piroux – Direction
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